When we arrived in camp last night the mist was down, but in the middle of the night it lifted, to reveal a snow-capped-mountain-vista. It’s beautiful, and helps us forget the cold and the bad night’s sleep.

Today’s start is another very steep ascent, and it’s a relief to stop at the lookout ruin and take in the view, as well as the snack packed for us by our amazing group of porters. A word about porters: any time you think that you’re having a difficult time with the climb, stop and look at one of the porters, racing past you, wearing flip flops and carrying 3 times what you are. Then stop complaining and get on with it.

Today seems to be the group favourite in terms of scenery. Yesterday was mostly about the up, today’s about the down – very hard on the knees, but in between this there are some truly epic views. We’re going through cloud forest, over the last pass, along paths cut into the mountainside with sheer drops to one side, visiting more ruins that look along the entire valley, nearly getting run over by Llamas (ok, maybe that was just me – Sara) over bridges, through tunnels, and eventually down a dramatic zig-zag path to camp.

It’s an early night again tonight… because it’s a very early day tomorrow. But before bed, we get the chance to say thank you properly to our porters, guides & cook team, who have taken care of us so well. Thank you!





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