Most of us slept quite well last night, despite the snoring…

It’s a hard start today, but we see both hummingbirds and waterfalls which is a lovely distraction! With each few metres the views become more beautiful, which is good because today is going to be Very Difficult.

The place we stop for lunch is the last place on the trek that we can buy anything from the locals, and it’s unsurprising, as the next main part of this trail is Dead Woman’s Pass, which sits at 4200 metres above sea level.

It’s difficult. It’s high, and steep, and difficult. The first arrivals at the top of the pass start to fly a saltire, which spurs on the middle section, who reach the top and start flying the MND Scotland banner, and cheer in the rest of the group. Then it’s a long (and cold) descent to camp 2, which is both the highest and coldest camps. And has midges!

Our tour leader Theo says that not all groups wait for everyone at the top, but I’m glad that ours did – not only did we get a great picture at the top but it’s wonderful to be able to cheer everyone on. It’s a fairly emotional climb…





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