Our flight leaves in the early hours of Saturday morning – first to Amsterdam and then on to Lima… where we’ll stay overnight and then transfer to Cusco the next day.  It’s all getting very exciting!

In the meantime, as responsible and respectful travellers it’s always good to learn at least a little bit of the lingo…


Basic Phrases:

Yes  = Si

No = No (well that one’s easy)

PleasePor favor (just how it sounds)

Thank You Gracias (pronounce the “c” like “s”)

Local Specialities:

Ceviche = classic seafood dish, marinated in lime jice & chilli peppers, served with corn, sweet potato & onions… mmmmm… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceviche

Cuy = Guinea Pig – maybe not for anyone who kept them as pets 😉 – found in many parts of the country, often served with chips!

Peruvian Beer & Spirits = well, we’ll maybe leave these until we’ve finished the trek, as alcohol DOES NOT mix with altitude!



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