This week our Trekker Rosanna tells us about how she’s preparing… and how she’s seeing the Inca Trail everywhere…


Everywhere I look these days I see references to Machu Picchu.

Just last week I was reading an article about Woody Harrelson, the actor.   He claims that his spiritual life began whilst trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.   Inspiring stuff.   And when I mention the challenge to friends, family and colleagues I’m genuinely amazed at the number of people who know someone who has been there or who have been there themselves.   Invariably they say that it will be the toughest but the best experience of my life.   Inspiring stuff again.

But why do they have to follow up with, “you do know the toilet facilities are pretty unpleasant” or “that altitude sickness can be a living nightmare”?   What is it about human nature or is it just our Scottish DNA that we have to point out the downsides?

But then I realise that sometimes thinking about all the stuff that can go wrong actually makes us plan better.   So as I prepare for my first fundraiser at the end of March I feel excited and nervous in equal measure.   I want it to be a really good night with live music from a Michael Buble soundalike and great food.   But the nagging doubts…..   Will I sell enough tickets?   Will people turn up?   Will they enjoy themselves?   Will I raise enough money for this fantastic charity?   We’ll just have to wait and see.   But to all of you who are planning your fundraisers I wish you well and I’ll leave the last word to Woody Harrelson….





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