Today our trekker Andrew tells us a little about how he’s feeling about our trek to Machu Picchu.  

On occasion I’ll come across someone who clearly doesn’t have the sense of adventure that I do.  I can tell because I’m faced with one question after explaining I’m going to Machu Picchu…

“Why would you want to do that?”

Our Trekker Andrew

Andrew in training...

Initially I’ll look at them, trying to detect any sarcasm, but before long, my shoulders slump and I begin to explain that a) I’ve always wanted to do the Machu Picchu trail, b) my uncle was diagnosed with MND around 18 months ago, c) I get two birds with one stone because I get the experience of a lifetime and get to raise money for an excellent cause.  That’s nothing short of a solid win in my view.  But when I’m still faced with negativity from these naysayers, it makes me all the more determined!  I can be quite the stubborn person after all…

Seriously though, I genuinely cannot wait until I get to the mountains of Peru. To bask in the great experiences that awaits me.  The sights, the people, the culture, the atmosphere…even the camping!  It really is going to be a great adventure and I’ve already upgraded my camera to make sure I don’t miss a thing!   But before I go there, I get to experience the adventure of raising money for MND Scotland.

The ideas keep on coming but to name a few we have a quiz night booked, a fool willing to have his body waxed, I’m doing an 11 mile extreme assault course race, a stall at two local galas and a monthly quiz sheet.

So far the fundraising is proving to be a big success and long may it continue!  The more money raised the better!  Let’s not forget the support either!  Sara at MND has been a great help as well as my friends, family, work colleagues and even complete strangers!

Naturally, there’re people who declare their hatred towards me due to jealousy and the like, but I’ll just smile, give them a cheeky wink and promise to take plenty of photos for them.

Of course…whether or not these photos will be good enough for them…I’ll worry about that another day.  I’ve got more important things to dwell on, like raising lots of money for MND Scotland so that they can help my uncle and many more people throughout the country!

Andrew will be holding a race night on Saturday 30th June to raise money for the trek.  His fundraising page can be found here: and he’s on twitter @awstephen16


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